Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a discount for the first lesson?

Yes! The first lesson is actually free. Drop me a message via the chat box or contact page and we can book in your first session.

I'm a complete beginner, is that ok?!

Absolutely! I've taught hundreds of students of all ages who were complete beginners. I'll guide you step by step through the basics and tailor the lessons to learning songs by singers and bands that you love.

Where do you teach from and do you do home visits?

I teach all of my lessons from my house which is just a 10 minute walk from East Croydon train station. I don't visit students' houses for lessons unfortunately.

Is it definitely worth getting private guitar lessons? Can't I learn everything online now?

There's no right or wrong answer to this. Whilst you can pretty much learn anything online now via YouTube or online guitar lesson subscription sites, I don't think there's a complete replacement for the benefits you'll receive when taking one-to-one lessons with an experienced teacher. The reason for this comes down to structure, discipline and the sheer quantity of available content. With the overwhelming amount of online guitar videos, websites, and teachers, it becomes extremely difficult (especially for beginner and intermediate guitarists) to know what YOU need to practice. Thousands of guitarists around the world end up wasting an inordinate amount of time trawling through online guitar content as a result of not having any guidance and direction about what they need to practice. Private lessons also have the benefit of making you accountable for your own progress - you're paying weekly/fortnightly to see the teacher in person, so chances are you'll be more likely to practice compared to if you had no one but yourself to be accountable to! I'm not saying that free/paid online guitar video lessons aren't helpful, far from it - what I'm saying is that your progress will almost certainly be greater and faster with a private teacher.

Do I need to be able to read music to have guitar lessons?

Nope! Even if you've never read a note of music in your entire life you can still learn the guitar and have a lot of fun playing songs you love - there are literally thousands of famous singers, bands and musicians who can't read music. If, on the other hand, you do have some experience reading music, that's great! It'll definitely help in your understanding of learning to play the guitar. If learning to read music is something you'd like to learn how to do, please book in a lesson and I'll help you get started!

Do you teach grades?

Yep! I use both the the Electric and Acoustic Rockschool Guitar Syllabi with students and have a 100% pass rate with Distinction for all students who have entered for an exam with me. If you'd rather not enter for any exams, that's absolutely fine, you will still benefit hugely from learning the songs presented in the electric and acoustic grade books. Check out Rockschool's website to gain a better understanding of what they offer in their graded guitar books - If you'd rather not study grades at all, that's also fine, it's not compulsory and we can work on other songs and techniques to improve your playing!

What sort of things do you teach in your lessons?

I cover a wide range of topics in my guitar lessons including song learning, grades, rhythm and lead guitar playing, technical exercises, improvisation and composition, ear training, music theory and reading music, tailoring the content to the needs of each student. Please see the "Lesson Topics" section on the home page for a longer description of the areas I cover.

Do you teach the acoustic or the electric guitar?

Both. I perform and teach all popular styles of music on the acoustic and the electric guitar.

Should I learn on the acoustic guitar first before going on to the electric guitar?

Not necessarily, no. You'll often hear advice that it's best to learn on an acoustic guitar first in order to build up your finger strength before moving on to the electric guitar. In my opinion, however, if the music you love and want to learn is predominantly played on an acoustic guitar, you should learn on an acoustic guitar. If most of the music you love is played on electric, learn on an electric - that seems to make sense to me!

I don't own a guitar, what one should I buy and where should I buy it from?

Based on my response to the previous question, this will help you determine whether to buy an acoustic or an electric guitar. In my experience, you can buy a better quality entry level acoustic guitar at around £100-150 than you can an entry level electric guitar for the same price. Based on this, I would recommend spending a little more if you're going to buy your first electric guitar. There are many great guitar shops in London - drop me a message via the chat box and I can help advise you on specific guitars and shops to go to!

Can you give me advice on different guitars, guitar accessories, amplifiers, pedals and other equipment?

Absolutely! I can give you guidance and advice on all of these areas, both during and outside of lessons - drop me a message via the chat box and I'll answer any questions you may have.

I have a question that isn't included in your FAQ section...

If you have any questions at all regarding lessons or just about the guitar and music generally, drop me a message via the chat box and I'd love to help!

How much do you charge?

The first lesson is totally FREE! I offer all students a free 30 minute consultation lesson for you to see if I'm the right teacher for you. Thereafter, my fee is £40 for a 1 hour lesson.

Do you offer online lessons?

Yep! I offer lessons online via Skype/Zoom/Google Hangouts etc...